Locating your nearest Planet Doughnut stockist is a breeze with our interactive map.

Simply click on the map, and it will reveal the diverse array of establishments proudly offering our delectable doughnuts.

To ensure your doughnut cravings are met, we recommend giving the chosen stockist a quick call before planning your visit. This ensures that Planet Doughnut is freshly stocked on the day you plan to indulge, allowing you to savour the experience without any surprises. Our commitment to providing you with the finest doughnuts extends to making your journey to a stockist as smooth and delightful as the treats themselves.


Becoming a stockist of Planet Doughnut is a seamless and rewarding process that adds a touch of premium quality to your establishment. To embark on this delectable journey, simply reach out to our dedicated team, and we'll guide you through the straightforward onboarding steps.

As a stockist, you'll not only expand your offerings with a diverse range of 12 doughnut designs and flavours, along with seasonal favourites. With popular vegan options and diddy doughnut® options, you'll infuse your business with the unmistakable taste of quality.

Planet Doughnut's doughnuts, known for their handcrafted excellence and flavourful profiles, provide a unique choice for cafes, restaurants, shops, and various other venues. By stocking Planet Doughnut, you're not just introducing a delectable treat; you're inviting customers to savour an indulgent experience that resonates with the essence of premium quality and artisanal craftsmanship.

Join us in spreading the joy of exceptional doughnuts and elevating the culinary offerings in your space.