Allergen Information
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Our bakery facility is divided into three segregated and distinct areas. Firstly our bakery, where we mix, shape, proove and fry our doughnuts. This area of the bakery is exclusively vegan, and we only use plant based ingredients. This is thanks to research and development that went into creating our proprietary vegan doughnut mix.
Once our doughnuts are fried, they move into the decorating room. We have segregated and dedicated production lines for plant based, nut based and products containing milk. We adopt strict cleaning practices, production planning, cleanliness and allergen swabbing, all to remove and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. That said, as a bakery, we do handle all of the following allergens: WHEAT, SOYA, MILK, EGG, NUTS & SULPHITES. We are a peanut and sesame free facility.

We segregate our products in our freezers, storage areas and packing facility, with the same and controls implemented in our food preparation areas, which minimises the risk of cross-contamination, but we cannot guarantee complete avoidance.

We are a SALSA accredited bakery, on a roadmap to full BRC accreditation.