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Doughnuts in weddings are always a hit and becoming almost a must have treat when tying the knot. Why? Maybe because they remind us of childhood, we personally think its because they are super easy to grab and go, no fuss and happy wedding guests! Whatever the reason, doughnuts are a wedding trend that isn’t going away and we are defiantly loving them! 

Here’s a look at some of our tasty doughnuts and our different ways of displaying them. The trick to keeping our doughnuts fresh is how you display them. From walls to stands on tables, boxes or bags! No matter how you present them here at planet doughnut we can help with them all!

Doughnuts? Cakes? What about both!

Why the hell not?

Many couples are having doughnuts stations, tables, walls, and other displays in addition to their wedding cake. We asked one of our customers Victoria as to why she chose both! She responded "Sometimes, cake is just a formality and a photo op, It's the tradition to cut the cake as a newly married couple. I didn't want to give this up! I also didn't want to share. So by having doughnuts its fuss free and everyone gets a treat."

So here at Planet HQ if you like cake there are no rules about having both cake and doughnuts! No matter which way you go with desserts for your wedding, our doughnuts remain popular.

What Doughnuts do we do?

Here at Planet Doughnut we do two types of wedding doughnuts! PD signature menu and our PD bespoke Dough menu. Both different but both very delicious! Our Signature menu is full of premium doughnuts that are filled. You can choose flavours from our signature menu fuss free and delicious. We would send this menu out to you 8 weeks before your date. Our PD bespoke dough menu is all about personalisation. We personalise the design to suit your wedding! From colour to toppers we can do it all. We even offer many ways to display your doughs. We have options of individual bags, wedding favour boxes and even a doughnut wall perfect for them quirky treats. Speak to our wedding and event specialist on what we can do for you!