Planet Doughnut & Physical Culture Association

Planet Doughnut & Physical Culture Association

Published: 1 May 2023

Planet Doughnut & Physical Culture Association

Planet Doughnut are proud to be sponsors of the UK Physical Culture Association Body building competitions for 2023 and beyond.  You might think that doughnuts and bodybuilding are an unlikely pairing but with Bodybuilders going through months of intense training, macro counting and cutting to achieve the perfect show body, the one thing the majority of bodybuilders want at the end of the competition is some good old fashioned sugar loaded carbs!

And what better than a doughnut from Planet Doughnut?

We will be at the majority of the PCA shows this year with the next ones coming up being:

SUNDAY 7TH MAY 2023 - St Helens Theatre Royal, WA10 1LQ

CBS ARENA, COVENTRY, Saturday 27th & SUNDAY 28TH MAY 2023
With plenty more on the cards including the PCAs in Manchester, Hull, London and more and of course the massive
EXPO BRITISH FINALS 2023 in Telford. Check out their UK shows here.

Why doughnuts?

Bodybuilding competitions are intense events that require months of preparation and dedication. Athletes push themselves to their limits to showcase their hard work and sculpted bodies on stage. But what happens after the competition is over? While many people may think that bodybuilders can simply relax and indulge in their favourite foods, the truth is that their post-competition diet is just as important as their pre-competition diet. In particular, consuming carbs after a bodybuilding competition is crucial for replenishing energy stores and aiding in recovery.

The Importance of Carbs for Energy:

Carbohydrates are the body's primary source of energy, and bodybuilders need a lot of energy to fuel their intense workouts and competitions. During a competition, athletes typically deplete their glycogen stores – the storage form of glucose in the body – through intense exercise and dieting. Glycogen is crucial for providing the body with energy, and when glycogen stores are depleted, athletes can experience fatigue, weakness, and decreased performance.

Carbs for Recovery:

After a competition, it's important for bodybuilders to replenish their glycogen stores and provide their bodies with the nutrients they need for recovery. Carbohydrates are a key component of post-competition nutrition because they can help restore glycogen levels and aid in muscle repair and growth. Consuming carbs after a competition can also help prevent muscle breakdown and improve immune function.

Healthy Doughnut Pairings:

If you're going to indulge in a doughnut, it's important to pair it with other healthy foods to balance out the sugar and carbs. For example, you can pair your doughnut with a protein-rich omelette or Greek yogurt, or with some fresh fruit and nuts for added fibre and nutrients. This way, you can enjoy your doughnut without sabotaging your health and fitness goals.