Planet Corporate

Planet Corporate

Published: 2 November 2022

When planning a corporate event, we know that it’s all about the detail. Here at PD we make the detail important. Whether it's product launches, press drops or influencer gifting! How about an extra special Thank you to clients or reward the team for all their hard work. We offer fully customisable out of this world doughnuts. Designed to put your brand or product centre stage. We even deliver nationwide!

Why use Planet doughnut for your business?

  1. Doughnuts are tasty food items that are easy to eat and freshly prepared.
  2. We create doughnuts for for special diets and allergies. Suitable for all!
  3. Doughnuts are a lighter selection option. You don’t want your guests to fall asleep during the meeting due to a heavy lunch.
  4. Doughnuts are perfect for setting up ready for when the event begins. We sort it all out for you! Fuss free treats.
  5. We customise to your business! From filled to ring, to colour and toppers! Our in-house team are ready to get to work on your next event.

What to consider when ordering us for corporate.

Whether you are hosting an office party or a large conference, there's something for everyone on our delicious menu tailored for your business.

Of course, before ordering corporate catering for any business there are a few things you need to consider first. The most important question to ask yourself is what type of event it will it be. Once you have determined that, the next step in planning your order becomes clear to us. You need to consider will the design be for VIP clients be attending, is it just a casual affair with office staff or is it an event is it for public you are hosting?

We’ve worked with the best and we want to add you to that list. We think our doughnuts speak for themselves, but don’t just take our word for it