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We've heard of cakes at weddings and parties, cupcakes, even brownies. However, in recent years, the world has seen doughnuts become a must-have treat on these special days, usually accompanying the sought-after wedding cake staple, and more commonly now replacing a cake.

So, break away from tradition! Enjoy a dessert all to yourself.
Seize the dough.

Our doughnuts in particular are the perfect dessert for a range of guests, with multiple flavours and vegan options. We can alter your bespoke order to make sure all the ingredients are tailored to your dietary requirements after conversations with our wedding and event specialist. We will support you along the way as you pick your ideal flavour palette, the perfect chocolate or icing tone and flawless decorative pieces.


How do you present doughnuts at a wedding?

To display this special treat, we also offer doughnut stands, ranging in sizes 18, 24, 42. If you intend to hang all your doughnuts on stands (minimum order 36 for classic size, 72 for diddy doughnut size), you can double or triple up these stands! Each one has an agreeable design, from plain & simple to fancy with metallic lettering, everyone is happy. In fact, all designs stick to versatile phrases like, "treat yourself" and "take a donut", so to present donuts at any other party event these stands are also perfect!

We have a few alternative options if the doughnut wall doesn't tickle your fancy, we also offer single boxes and bags. 

How many doughnuts should you have for a wedding?

We suggest that you budget for 1.5-2 per person. For example: if you are having a 150-person wedding, you may order 225 donuts. Don't worry about leftovers! Doughnuts are perfect for the hangover after a wedding... And we make individual boxes and bags, if your guests want to take some home!

How do you keep doughnuts fresh for a wedding?

At Planet Doughnut, we provide next-day delivery and deliver all our goods frozen, only taking 2 hours to thaw. On the day of your celebration, the donuts can be delivered by morning-midday and be ready to enjoy at your reception. Our delivery boxes are braced for what impact that may occur during delivery, meaning they arrive in perfect condition.

Are doughnuts cheaper than wedding cakes?

An average wedding cake in the UK costs £400-500 according to Bridebrook's wedding budget breakdown while Planet Doughnut charges £3.50 per classic doughnut or £2.50 based on minimum order quantity. The more doughnuts you purchase, the cheaper per doughnut. Please note bespoke doughnuts pricing is £4.50 per classic doughnut (quantities of 24) and £3.50 per diddy doughnut (quantities of 48).

If you are looking for the perfect wedding treat, then email us at and we can make your dreams come true!

Written by: Rhian Delves, Work Experience Student - Bishops Castle Community College