PD: Idea for Valentine's

PD: Idea for Valentine's
Published 13 February 2023

Stuck on ideas for this Valentines day? Here are some last minute plans we've thought of for you!

  1. For our crafty couples, why not create an activity for your special day?! Come up with prompts to paint or draw such as how you view each other or simply real life portraits. Candle making kits. Cook a meal you’ve both wanted to try out together. Create a joint vision board to show what you appreciate in one another and what you have to be excited about.
  1. Get outdoors! Planning a day out in nature, preparing the little things such as a picnic to bring along will surely show you have thought of every detail to make your other half feel special. Stuck on ideas as to where to have your adventure? Here are a few places we’ve chosen around the UK…
  • Pistyll Rhaeadr, Wales.
  • St Nectans Waterfall.
  • Hadrian’s Wall Path (Chollerford to Birdoswald Fort), Northumberland and Cumbria.
  • South Downs Way, Hampshire to East Sussex.

Or simply check out The National Trust parks and gardens near you!

  1. Stay home and surprise your other half with a backyard picnic along with both your favourite foods, a picnic blanket and some cushions to bring the indoor cosiness outside.
  1. Create a spa day at home! Are you both working this Valentines but want to create a relaxing evening? When you both get home from work, decorate a cosy corner to turn into your very own at home spa. A massage a long with treats such as our Valentines doughnuts will surely go amazing together!
  1. Movie night! Who doesn't love a movie night? But instead of any usual movie night, if you decide to have it at home instead of the cinema then lighting candles to set the ambiance will elevate the night. Sort out the snacks, possibly cook a meal you've both been craving or wanting to try together or simply get a takeaway - treat yourselves!
  1. Come visit one of our stores! Our Shrewsbury, Chester and Nantwich stores will be open til 8PM this Valentines so come in and enjoy our treats made with love. Can't stay to sit in? We have our Valentines doughnuts ready in each store so you can surprise your special someone with our limited edition Valentines doughnuts!