Little Rascals Foundation Competition

Little Rascals Foundation Competition

Published: 19 April 2021

We are hugely excited to announce our ‘Design a Doughnut’ competition in partnership with Little Rascals Foundation

To enter, either download it from our website or pick it up from either Little Rascals Play Centre in Shrewsbury or our Shrewsbury or Telford Stores from Friday 23rd October,

Return your completed entry to any of the above places by Sunday 1st November, putting your contact details on the back.

We will then hold a vote on social media for the most popular design that we can make, with the winning entry being produced by us to sell in-store and at Little Rascals Play Centre. Profits from the doughnut sales will go towards funding holiday clubs and family play sessions for disabled children and young people.

About little Rascals Foundation: 

Little Rascals Foundation is a charity that has been set up by the directors of Little Rascals Play Centre. International football Dave Edwards and this lifelong friend and business partner Ben Wootton, to support children with disabilities. 

The Little Rascals Foundation will strive to support children with disabilities, helping them to participate in what is considered ‘normal’ in their everyday society.

Little Rascals Play Centre already works hard to make the centre accessible for all children. They hold ‘Kids Plus’ sessions, which enable children with disabilities to play when the centre is quieter and have sole access to the play equipment and their sensory room. The charity will now look to expand these services and raise further funds to support children with disabilities throughout the UK.

Every day, is another day to make a difference.

Our ambition is to make life easier for children with disabilities in any way that we can, and support them and their families.

We aim to get them the help they need to enhance their lives and increase their independence. Our vision is to enable these children to recognise their potential, be ambitious, and help to provide them with the opportunities to follow their dreams and in turn live happy and fulfilled lives.