Breakfast Mc'Dough'

Breakfast Mc'Dough'
In collaboration with Adam Purnell aka ShropshireLad we will be sharing a series of fun and exciting recipes that highlight the versatility and deliciousness of our new savoury doughnuts.
To watch the full video on how to make this delicious recipe, click here.


INGREDIENTS: Serves 1 person

4 Sausages
Emmental Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
1 Egg 


Step 1:

Slice Planet Doughnut's Hickory Smoked Savoury Doughnut in half and warm in a frying pan, allowing the topping to caramelise slightly.

Step 2:

Using 2 sausages per patty, score and remove the skins. With a small amount of water, roll the sausages into ball shapes.

Step 3:

Place into a hot frying pan and flatten the sausage balls into patties. Season with Shropshire Lad's Rub & Seasoning. Flip when necessary.  Place a slice of Emmental cheese and a slice of Cheddar cheese on top of each patty.

Step 4:

While the sausage patties are cooking, fry the egg to your desired level of runniness. 

Step 5:

Spread BBQ sauce on the warm savoury doughnut halves. Layer the sausage patties and the fried egg on top. 

Step 6:

Enjoy immediately.