Taste Tester Jess: The Little Mix'ed Box

Taste Tester Jess: The Little Mix'ed Box

Back in February, Jess joined the Planet Doughnut team as our official taste tester. Since then, she has been diligently sampling our doughnuts before their official release, providing invaluable feedback that helps us refine our recipes.

Recently, Jess reviewed our new vegan mini doughnut assortment—The Little Mix’ed Box.

Here are her thoughts:

Overall Impression:
Overall, I LOVED the mini selection! I was a little sceptical to try them, as I've always loved how massive your doughnuts are. But these minis were genuinely the perfect size! They were packed beautifully, so I could really appreciate all the different designs and decorations.”

Bo-Homer-Ian Rhapsody: Sweet, classic, and consistently a favourite of mine. Having tried it before, it remains delicious every time. Consistency is key, and you’ve nailed it with this one.

Crunch Crunch Baby:  One of my top three favourites among the diddy doughnuts. It's very sweet, and the oozy middle filling is a delightful surprise in every bite.

Rocket Man-Go:  I’ve never had anything like it before but I liked it. It was one of my husband’s favourites, which was a massive shock, as he’s not into fruity things! The unique flavour profile really stood out.

Mocha, Loca: Strong coffee flavour that I think coffee lovers will appreciate. As a recent coffee drinker, I found it a bit too strong for my taste, but I loved the design and can see it being popular with coffee enthusiasts.

Three Times A Choc:  Perfectly chocolaty, and I wouldn’t change a thing. It's ideal as it is.

Bisc' Of My Heart:  I think this is the 3rd doughnut which uses the iconic Biscoff flavouring and this is the lightest in flavouring compared to the others. For me, I would prefer more Biscoff flavouring to really make this doughnut a favourite. 

Take Me Home, Caramel Road: Beautifully presented and delicious. The caramel flavour was just right, adding a nice touch to the selection.

Cheri Cheri Bakey:  I initially expected a strong cherry taste, but was pleasantly surprised by its sweetness. I enjoyed the sweet surprise, however, cherry enthusiasts may prefer something with more pronounced flavouring? 

Sweet Child O'reo Mine:  Having tried this doughnut previously, I think that this doughnut needs more cream adding to distinguish the textures of the biscuit crumb and the Oreo biscuit topping. 

Glaze of Glory:  A classic plain glaze! For me, I like things, a little sweeter so would prefer a sweeter glaze but I totally understand that this is a classic doughnut. 

We're Jammin':  Having had this one before, this is a firm favourite of mine, which consistently delivers the delightful taste and texture I love.

Bisc' of You: My husband and I enjoyed this one and the cream on top was a great addition. As a taste tester, I try a little bit of each doughnut, but I did finish this one because it was so delicious!