Planet Doughnut in Warner's Stores

Planet Doughnut in Warner's Stores
Published: 23 November 2022

Why did we choose to partner with Warner's stores?

Where to start. We Love Guy Warner and his Warner’s team business morals! They strongly believe that supporting local producers in a way that brings benefits to their customers, both in terms of quality and choice as well as to the local economy. They are a community-focused store. A little bit like planet doughnut!

Now if that's not a reason to join the team we don't know what is! Since the Day Warner's Company opened up they have stocked hundreds of locally-produced items, many award-winning, and all personally sourced by them! Now including Planet Doughnut!

Warner's Taste Club

Local produce is celebrated every month through our Warner’s Taste Club, a free-to-join club for food and drink lovers everywhere. Each month, Taste Club brings you exclusive offers on local products, money-off dining at local restaurants and pubs, plus access to a whole host of Taste Club food and drink events.

For details and to join, visit

Community Savings

The Warner’s Community Savings scheme has been running for over 15 years and has resulted in over £50,000 being donated to local groups and charities. Tokens are earnt for each £10 spent in-store, which can then be deposited into a collection box for whichever local group or charity they like most. The warner's Community has helped many funds for many charity projects including laptops for local schools.